The UnO2 firmware comes with a free editor for Mac and Windows. Due to the advanced functionality this editor is the only way to create a UnO2 setup.
Unfortunately there are many low cost MIDI-USB interfaces on the market which are perfectly suitable for sending or receiving simple MIDI control messages,
but unsuitable for sending or receiving the larger "SysEx" messages used for an FCB1010 patchdump.
Therefore it is required to check your interface compatibility before purchasing the UnO2 firmware.

With the button below you can do a MIDI communication check. In order for the test to succeed, make sure to take following steps :

What does the test actually do?

It sends a large SysEx (= "System Exclusive") message to the FCB1010 and waits for a response.
When MIDI merge is enabled, the full SysEx message will be returned to the PC.
The received SysEx is compared with the sent SysEx, and if all bytes correspond, the test succeeds.

What if the test fails?

If this communication test fails, you will not be able to use the UnO2 firmware with your current MIDI-USB interface.
You can check if a more recent driver for your interface is available which might solve the issue.
If not, trying a different interface is the only solution. For your info, the FCB1010 UnO user group
contains a database with user feedback about working and non-working MIDI-USB interfaces for the FCB1010.

Why don't I see my MIDI interface in the dropdown boxes below?

If you are using a browser which still doesn't support MIDI (like Internet Explorer or Safari)
you will need to switch to a more up to date browser like Chrome or the latest version of Edge.
Alternatively you can download and install our MIDI monitor application here :
It's not only a MIDI monitor but it also has a menu option to test your MIDI interface and proceed with the UnO2 firmware order after a successful test.

MIDI IN port :     MIDI OUT port :  

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