FCB-505 : what is it about?
While the RC-505 is designed to be controlled by hand, many musicians use the looper for guitar, keyboard, or another instrument. Luckily enough the RC-505 has extended MIDI capabilities, which allows it to be controlled from a programmable MIDI foot controller like the Behringer FCB1010. However, the RC-505 requires rather uncommon MIDI control which makes it impossible to correctly program a standard MIDI controller. Therefore we created a dedicated firmware version which solves this issue and makes the FCB1010 a "zero programming" RC-505 foot controller.
Key benifits of the FCB-505 firmware :
More info :
A very short user manual gives you all details about the FCB-505 firmware :

User manual

Controlling the RC-505 with the FCB-505 firmware :


Configuring the RC-505 for use with the FCB-505 firmware :


Thanks for creating these videos, Greetriman !