Discontinuation of "UnO" activity

Are you interested in taking over the R&D and sales activity related to UnO & UnO2 firmware and software?
Feel free to leave your contact info below, and we will get in touch. Please refrain if not serious.

We are searching for an individual or company who is interested in obtaining all of the following :

  • UnO firmware sourcecode
  • UnO2 firmware sourcecode
  • FCB-505 firmware sourcecode
  • A modified Behringer FCB1010 with reprogrammable EEPROM, for custom firmware testing
  • FCB/UnO ControlCenter sourcecode
  • UnO2 ControlCenter sourcecode
  • Sourcecode for the different license servers
  • all Intellectual Property rights related to the firmware and software above
Optionally the deal can also include all sourcecode and hardware design info on a promising new FCB1010 add-on,
yet to be released. The add-on (built into the FCB1010) allows to connect a wireless device (iPad, laptop,...)
to the UnO2 equipped FCB1010 to show realtime status, send and receive MIDI over WIFI, and much more.
More info on request.

Who are we hoping to find? Someone with

  • the necessary musical background to understand the current value of the products in the Behringer FCB1010 ecosystem
  • the necessary enthusiasm and technical skills to take over and optionally extend the functionality
  • the necessary commercial skills to...
    (well actually these products do sell themselves apparently, I have a complete lack of commercial skills myself...)