Wino : what is it about?
The Wino extension kit consists of 2 items :
- the Wino firmware chip gives exactly the same functionality as the UnO chip.
- the Wino hardware module adds wireless access to your FCB1010.

Since many FCB1010 users already have a license of the FCB/UnO ControlCenter software, this license is not part of the Wino kit. Just be aware that this software is an essential add-on to the Wino kit, since Wino uses the info in the .lgp setup files to display preset and effect names.
Key benefits of the Wino kit :
More info :
The best way to find out all details is by running through the manual :

User manual

Talk to the large FCB1010 user base and browse through the helpful resources in the UnO user group :

FCB1010_UnO User Group